Brand Story


They are too long for me!" They are too long for me!" They are too long for me!".

Medical compression stockings

are used to apply proper amounts of pressure to intended points.

Stockings designed for Westerners

have different compression points.
They are often too long or too tightening, not fit for Asian body types

VENAEN Development Story 1

Sizes customized to Asian body types
We have cooperated with experts

who are authorities on Asian body types.

Technical cooperation agreement with the Chonnam National University R & H Healthcare Center.

We have classified Asian standard body types and

constructed Asian size charts.
Development of Asian size charts based on body type data from about 5,000 Asians
A new compression design

that reflects the characteristics of Asian body types are applied to VENAEN's products.

※ Existing compression rates based on Western body types: 40/70/100
VENAEN's products have been developed to perfectly fit Asians

based on scientific research.

VENAEN Development Story 2

Reduction of irritation to the skin
Medical compression stockings

are effective if they are worn all day.

Wearing stockings made with improper materials can be

a main cause of skin problems.

Spandex is coated twice by double covering yarn

to reduce irritation to the skin
Double-covering yarn that coats spandex, a main cause of allergy

Manufactured with medical machines from MERZ, Germany, VENAEN's stockings are

lighter and more durable.
Korea's only company to manufacture all products with the German MERZ CC4-Ⅱ equipment
VENAEN's products provide a comfortable wearing sensation for a long time

with reduced irritation to the skin.

VENAEN Development Story 3

Whole manufacturing process in Korea

All VENAEN products are wholly produced in Korea for strict quality control.

VENAEN's domestic manufacturing manual
  • 01
    Choice of optimal yarn

    Improvement of quality by using special double covering yarn.

  • 02
    High-precision weaving

    Accurate pressure application through weaving with a dedicated machine.

  • 03
    De-oiling washing

    Enhancement of safety by washing the yarn that directly contacts the skin.

  • 04
    Customized molding

    Creation of optimal product conditions for easy wearing.

  • 05
    Detailed sewing

    Improvement of wearing sensation through sewing considering users' convenience.

  • 06
    Double inspection

    Double inspection by machines and humans to select only products with merchantability.

  • 07
    Packaging that enhances completeness

    Packaging process involving manual wrapping with a sense of responsibility and sincerity.

Inspection equipment with the highest and only level of precision

in Korea for the best quality

VENAEN promises the highest level of quality

with generous investment.


The name "VENAEN" is a combination of "vena" meaning "veins" and "en" meaning "to."
It is a health care brand created for your healthy daily life.